• Photo by Al Musur

  • Photo by Dan McCarthy

  • Photo by Mike Muzzey

  • Photo by Rob Krapfl

  • Photo by Dick Beutel

  • Photo by Jim Durrant

  • Photo by Karen Durrant

  • Photo by Ernie McIntyre

The Territory Shutterbugs

Living in a place as beautiful as The Galena Territory, one would think there’d be an active community of photographers. That would be us, The Territory Shutterbugs. We’re a very informal group of photography enthusiasts – some would call us a “club” – that gets together on a regular basis to share stories, insights, technology know-how and all sorts of other fun stuff related to taking pictures. Our skill levels range from basic photography knowledge to advanced amateurs, and our cameras of choice could be a smart phone or tablet all the way up to a sophisticated DSLR with a lens the size of a bazooka mounted on the front.

To each his own. And by the way, someone with limited experience using an off-brand phone can still snap a marvelous photograph.

When we meet

The club gathers at 8:30 a.m., the second Saturday of each month, in the Arts & Crafts Room of the Owners’ Club. Sometimes we take field trips to pretty places in and around The Territory: Past excursions have taken us to Mississippi Palisades State Park, downtown Galena, Galena Falls Park and Murphy’s Gardens. We might have an educational presentation or a guest speaker, and everyone has the opportunity to share some of their favorite photos.

We’re fun and a tad disorganized, but we are dedicated to helping all our members enjoy the art of photography.

Won’t you join us?

For more information or to get on The Territory Shutterbugs email list, contact Dan McCarthy at danmccarthy81@gmail.com or Mike Muzzey at Muzman3@comcast.net.